Bagged Cold Mix Asphalt


Professional Grade – High Performance Material

Our bagged cold patch asphalt material is the perfect way to permanently repair damaged surface areas in all weather conditions. Easily transported, our 50 lb. bags of material are convenient and you may use only the amount needed, resulting in less waste and mess.

HEI-WAY® Professional Grade Asphalt Patching Material is used by utilities, public works, townships, state DOTs, federal agencies, airports, contractors and homeowners to repair and patch utility pipelines, roadways, driveways, parking lots and recreational areas.

HEI-WAY® Mix Grade Application Temperature
Summer 50° F and above (10° C)
Winter 50° F and below (10° C)

Benefits and Features

  • Consistently outperforms our competitors in strength, durability, performance and laboratory tests
  • Permanent all-weather repair
  • High workability in extreme temperatures
  • Retains strength after freezing and thawing
  • Professional grade, high performance
  • No mixing needed, ready to use right out of the bag
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Open to traffic immediately
  • Shelf life of at least three years, save and store unused material
  • Manufactured in the USA
Want to try the material for yourself? Order a sample bag, which can be shipped directly to you or contact us to learn more!