“Year-round, it’s quality material for all applications—great for potholes and paving large areas. Quality, quality, outstanding material!”

Randy Brewer

Road Department, West Township, Jefferson County, Ohio

“Easy to work with and no waste of material—good to the last shovel!”

Jeff Redman

Supervisor, Jefferson Township, Fayette County

“Great product and delivery. Your company specializes in one product—not trying to sell us other stuff.”

Bill Hutchman

Road Department Supervisor, Liverpool Township, Columbiana County, Ohio

“The HEI-WAY® material is the best around. I have referred lots of people to them over the years, and I have even told some of their competitors that their material just isn’t as good as HEI-WAY®’s.”

Barry Spiker

Director of Public Works, Grove City, Mercer County

“I just started using the HEI-WAY® materials in 2011 for pothole patching and for larger repairs. After a full year’s weathering, I have to say I am very impressed with their performance under all kinds of road conditions. I have referred others to them as well.”

Scott Barrett

Road Supervisor, St. Clair Township, Columbiana County, Ohio

“Many years ago I tried another cold patch supplier and didn’t like them. From Heilman I get great service, consistent product, and no issues. Like a lot of products, you get what you pay for, and I like what I get from these guys.”

Greg Hlasnik

Pennsylvania American Water, Washington County

“HEI-WAY® patch material works in holes where regular cold patch fails. That’s why I use and recommend it.”

Bob Reno

Supervisor, Roadmaster, Little Beaver Township, Lawrence County

“I have preferred the Heilman material for years but budgets haven’t always allowed me to buy what I want. When they won a bid we had in the area, I ordered some right away.  It’s the best I’ve tried, and I’ve tried quite a few.”

Pat Vitchoff

Former Road Manager, California Borough, Washington County

“HEI-WAY® Premium is the only cold patch material we have stocked for over 20 years. We service a major water supplier in this area, as well as most of the townships and boroughs, and they keep coming back. Our customers know that Heilman makes the best cold mix product on the market.”

Johnny McClymonds

Owner, Cranberry Supply

“We supply one of the biggest utilities in the region exclusively with Heilman’s cold patch. They specify it because it works better and is more consistent year-round than anything else out there.”

Joe Casilli

Owner, Casilli Corporation

“I have used the Heilman product for many years, and it is the best. I used to use a competitive product years ago and it would harden in the stockpile over time, to the point that it had to be thrown out. HEI-WAY® doesn’t do that. I can’t afford to throw out material I’ve paid for.”

Sam Aloi

Beaver Falls Municipal Authority, Beaver County

“We supply a large local school district as well as the bigger utilities and most of the boroughs in this part of the South Hills. They are all happy repeat customers, and so am I. The Heilman products deliver the best value of anything on the market.”

Russ Smith

Owner, Kiefer Supply

“We use a lot of Heilman cold patch, sometimes even for leveling on rutted roads. Last year we did some that we later sealed with E-3 and got fabulous results, even the snowplows didn’t touch it. There is also no waste when you use the HEI-WAY® materials.”

Tim Komar

Supervisor, Ligonier Township, Westmoreland County

“I can remember that we used to use another material that was always dry and worked poorly, but we thought that’s all cold patch was. Then Willie Heilman came up and sold us in 1992, and we have used nothing else since. It is great patching material. Our water department uses it as well.”

Terry Ruditis

Supervisor, City of Franklin, Venango County

“We’ve used nothing but Heilman cold patch for a long time here. We used to use something else, I’m not even sure whose it was now, but it used to harden in the pile so it became unusable. We don’t have problems like that anymore.”

Dave Connolly

Supervisor, Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County

“We have bought nothing but the HEI-WAY® cold patch for years now. We tried a supplier closer to us a while ago, but their product didn’t hold up anything like the HEI-WAY®. Once we found a HEI-WAY® cold patch that our hot mix contractor had missed for follow-up. The cold patch still looked great after being out there a couple of years. Heilman is also very accommodating on deliveries.”

Bob Bissett and Ed Singer

Columbia Gas, Washington County

“We use the HEI-WAY® patching mix because it is easy to work with and stays in the holes. With our small crew, we are not patching the same potholes over and over—even though we often just fill the potholes and go. Productivity is higher with HEI-WAY® material. We use it year round, and it does the job for us.”

Dave Williams

Former Superintendent of Public Works, Latrobe, Westmoreland County