Can we pave over your material?

Yes. HEI-WAY patching and paving materials can be resurfaced with hot mix or cold mix asphalts.

When I pave with your mix, or even patch a hole, do I need to put a seal coat on?

No. Because of the high quality, there is no need to cover it with “tar and chip” to hold the mix together. Typically, we recommend a seal coat in 3 to 5 years when the pavement starts to show wear. Other asphalt materials show distress more quickly than our HEI-WAY mixes. HEI-WAY mixes have a slower degradation, therefore, you can plan a seal coat typically within the next 2 years.

How long before I can put a seal coat on the mix once I put it down?

If a seal coat is desired, oncethe mix is compacted and firm to walk and drive on, then allow 30 to 60 days for it to cure and further harden before sealing.
There is no upper age limit for sealing. Some HEI-WAY roads have gone more than 20 years without a seal coat. We strongly recommend waiting at least four seasons (i.e. one year) before sealing.

What is the difference between your summer grade and winter grade?

The thickness (viscosity) of the asphalt binder is the difference. A summer mix used in winter would be like “molasses in January” so to speak. All ingredients are uniform year-round but we simply use a thicker asphalt binder in summer and a thinner one in winter. Because of our volume, we also produce many spring/fall mixes.

How long can I keep your mix in a pile or bag?

We have some township customers that keep the material in a stockpile for 1 or 2 years. If the material is kept outside, simply turn it on a warm day and the mix is ready to go. We recommend that the bagged mix should be used within 3 years of purchase, and within 1 year of opening the bag.

How much will a ton cover?

At 1 inch thick, a ton will cover 180 square feet or 20 square yards. At 2 inches, it covers half that area or 90 square feet. A 50-pound bag covers about 6 square feet at 1 inch thick.

Can there be a few partially coated stones in the mix?

Yes. This is due to the varied qualities of the stone. Rest assured that each batch of HEI-WAY® material is inspected for quality by experienced technicians.

Is it normal to have some water in the mix?

Yes. Water is not a problem. All mixes (including bagged mixes) are manufactured and stockpiled outside. The water can be from the rain or from the stone piled outside.

What makes the mix harden when its kept in a pile outside?

Asphalt is like paint—it hardens with age. The mix hardens from the top down once it is compacted and exposed to the elements of weather and traffic.

Where can I use your mix?

It is designed for patching potholes and utility cuts year-round. Our summer mix, except the Latex-Modified, is designed for patching and paving in summer weather.

Is it normal for the material to look dry or not appear sticky?

No, the material (patching or paving) when used in whether below its designed application temperature appears to not stick well. Call us for technical support at 724.353.2700.

I don't see my question here. Where can I get more information?

Please see the Technical Information, or give us a call at 724.353.2700.